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GOLDEN BOY PRESS Interview #112
Rebekah is a studying film student and costume designer, she applies her skills to her bright oil paintings.  She has amazing talent with a brush, and she’s only 17 years old.  We can’t wait to see where she’ll go in life with her eye for design. 
Could you introduce yourself?
Heya! My name is Rebekah Rubalcava, but most people call me Bex. I am a 17 year old desert dweller from New Mexico and I love parties, film, and creating art.
Why art, what started it all?
It’s been something I’ve loved from a very young age. My dad would always paint, as he’s an artist too, so it was monkey see monkey do I suppose and it just happened. I loved colors and the feelings they had and I loved anything I could use or make with my hands. 
How would you describe your style?
I have a weird style. It’s somewhat realism with a bit of romanticism? It’s strange, but I’d say it’s just a very conceptual style. 
Favorite medium to work with?
Oils always, I love their pigments and how they give a gutty feeling to anything when you layer it, or it can be smooth as silk. 
When do you typically have sparks of inspiration?
They come in bursts usually, but it’s usually when I get back from a trip, or when I’m really becoming drawn to a new idea and concept. It’s always fluctuating, though I’m almost always inspired by my memories and remaking them into something beautiful. 
What’s your opinion about the art scene in recent years?
Abstract and digital doesn’t really appeal to my personal taste, and that’s what I see a lot of nowadays, it’s lovely to know that more and more people are creating, and that’s all that matters, is people being happy and creating how they feel and doing what they enjoy. And that’s what will always impress me. 
How has your film and costume design studies influenced your painting, and vice versa?
I’d say film has impacted my views on life and overall view of the world and people. I love humans, humankind, culture, society, past etc. and film has certainly brought that into my view. I’ve become very in love with glamour, cinema, fabrication, and the overall “American Dream” along with human sensuality, and interactions. I find a lot of romanticism in those things. It’s also taught me to look at the world with rose colored glasses. To take in every minute as if it were a blank canvas, so that I could create into a masterpiece to archive in my memory, so that when I look back on it, it’s beautiful and sensational in every way possible. I romanticize my past a lot, as I feel it’s a part of my artistic process. It becomes my work. I feel as if though moments that happened, could’ve happened or will happen should be shared. If that makes sense? Almost as if as I paint, I’m almost creating a movie from my past. Every painting I make is a possibility, or a real piece of my past but I choose to keep that a mystery for my viewers to assume for themselves. Costume design is the same. Except what I’ve learned from design is that detail is everything. It really is. And I try to put as much of that into my work as possible. Costume design is also about creating a character, creating their tone and I hope to portray that into my paintings by becoming a new character and scenario that my character is living in. Like with “sucker” it was two best friends who were madly in love with one another, but too afraid to admit it. And “cling” were two lovers in Paris after a cocktail party. My recent one “graze” is when I kissed a boy who really hurt me, but I did it regardless because I felt it was right. Etc. I love the characters and scenarios I create and I owe it all to my love of film and costume.
What can we expect to see in the future?
I hope to be doing a lot more works that look like film stills almost, or even a bit like a movie poster. Except the films are non existent in the real world, but definitely a reality in my mind. I’ve also been working on a few projects.. so hopefully those will be a surprise in the somewhat near future. 
What makes you happy?
My faith, my family and food…
Any closing comments?
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Interviewed by POI

GRAZE Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas


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